What to Expect on your Consult Appointment?

We will schedule a 30-minute appointment slot to go over the procedure and client expectations. A consultation provides you with the opportunity to receive all the important information regarding the service you are interested in so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Why is a consultation appointment important?

A consultation appointment is important because it gives both the client and the technician time to
discuss the different techniques available. Client has an opportunity to share his/her expectations of the service he/she is considering. Technician can make recommendations based on what technique will give client the best results.

During your consultation?

Technician and client will discuss shape and color that best compliments client.
Technician will answer client’s questions regarding the procedure.
Technician will go over aftercare instructions and the importance of following the aftercare
instructions to obtain the best results.
Technician will verify with client if he/she has any medical condition which would require client to
obtain a written medical consent from their doctor.
Possible risk of procedure will be discussed during the consultation.